hi! i’m really interested in studying english. what’s the department like?

Yes! I love potential English majors! I really love the department. Not only is it full of professors who love what they teach and publish amazing work (Google Daniel Swift, Greg Hrbek, Steve Stern and Catherine Golden and you’ll see what I mean), but these professors are totally willing to meet with and help students. Professor availability: so key, especially when you’re working on big papers or projects and need some guidance. I met with two different English profs this past week alone.

And everyone has their special academic focus — American modernism, the Victorians, memoirs, lyric essays — so you can get the full experience of a particular subject with an expert, instead of a watered-down general study. It’s really wonderful to be taught by people who are passionate.

AND there are a lot of opportunities within the English department for creative work (i.e. stuff other than critical/analytic essays). That means workshops for poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, documentary filmmaking, cinema studies, and even internships outside of Skidmore. Right now I’m writing a novella in Steven Millhauser’s Advanced Fiction Projects class. It’s rad.

Hope this gives you a good idea of what the department is like. If you have questions about specifics, ask away!

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