SkidMolly: Skidmore Facilities Facts

Hey hey hey!  First of all, if you’re in Skidmore territory for any of the Accepted Candidates Days this coming week, welcome!  Like the breakfast in Mulan, we’re happy to see you!

Here are some quick facts about the facilities here at Skidmore:

  • There are up-to-date elliptical machines and treadmills in the gym, as well as flat-screen televisions perfect for catching up on Bravo reality shows as you do your cardio.  Plus, the Williamson Sports Center has raquetball courts, a six-lane swimming pool, nine tennis courts (four of them lighted) and a human performance lab for Exercise Science majors.
  • Dana Science Center hosts a microscopy imaging center and an astrophysics lab — both are useless to me as an English major, but very useful for people studying biology and physics.
  • The art studio, Saisselin (I never learned how to pronounce that one, sadly) includes a built-in art gallery, a metals shop, a bunch of weaving looms for textiles design, and an animation studio with Linux workstations.  Five Skidmore alums worked on the movie Ice Age, so that animation studio came in handy, right?
  • The dining hall (Murray-Aikens) has a special test kitchen meant for chefs to prepare food for students with allergies or special needs, plus students can reserve the test kitchen so they can cook for themselves.
  • The JKB Theater seats almost 400 people, and the blackbox theater seats between 80 and 100 people.
  • Our basically brand-new music center, Zankel, has 54,000 square feet of teaching, practice, administrative and performance space.    There’s even an amphitheater just outside the building where students hold acoustic concerts.

The Skidmore facilities look shiny and nice, but they’re also resources for you to use, just about whenever you want to.  It’s nice to go to school at a place where we aren’t lacking much, and where we have the means to accomplish whatever we can imagine, whether that’s a laser light show to accompany a senior music recital, or a super complex biology research project, or a student-written theater performance with music and video components, or a 5K run to support charities in Saratoga.  The facilities at Skidmore definitely support the idea that creative thought matters — come visit and check them out for yourself.

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