Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

SkidMolly: Last Post Ever!

Hi y’all,

The time has come.  This is my last day of blogging, and I’m quite sad about it — you guys have been great readers and askers of questions, and I will miss this job a lot!  The next week will be filled with all kinds of senior shenanigans, followed by graduation day! Ack! I’m excited, and also very nostalgic, which is to be expected.

I’ve just made a slew of question-answering videos on topics from career services to the dining hall to parties to the psych department to activism to double majoring and everything in between.  You can check them all out here on my YouTube channel.

Thank you to everyone who has read this blog or asked me a question.  To the class of 2016, good luck, and have a blast!

I’ll end this post with a picture of my desk corkboard, a changing arrangement of photos and doodads that I keep to remind me of different things, and a Skidmore staple — after all, all the desks have these boards!

There are a couple of cards I’ve gotten in the mail from my parents (getting mail from my parents never gets old here), photos of me and my three sisters when we were little (at one point we were all in college at the same time!), a Vermont keychain (can’t forget my home state), a matchbook, a metro map and postcards from studying abroad in Prague (plus a map of the woods I got from a very nice Czech hiking guide), pictures I cut out of a book on Italian painting (culled from Skidmore’s annual free book free-for-all in the library), a beer label from Amsterdam (another abroad relic), a postcard my housemate Phoebe sent me over break (it’s from Nickelodeon magazine, hehe), my on-call calendar for Res Life (can’t forget these things), a photo of my boyfriend and I from this past Halloween (we met on the first day of college!), and of course, my “Work Hard & Be Nice to People” sign, which I’ve had since freshman year.  I think that’s what I’ve done during college: I’ve worked hard and been nice to people.  To me, that’s a huge success.

Skidmore has been a truly wonderful experience, and the best four years of my life so far.  I will miss so much about this place. Thank you to everyone who has made my time in college memorable, challenging, exciting, strange, and most of all, FUN.

See you later!

Love, Molly