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How Was…Late Night with UCB and Ad-Libs?

A mysterious entity at Skidmore known as “Late Night” lurks in the shadows, hiding in dark corners and emerging only to bring us awesome performers so we can all laugh and be amused at certain times of the weekend.  It’s not so bad.  Late Night exists solely for our entertainment!  No complaints!  Last Saturday the Late Night show included our own Ad-Libs, an improv comedy group sort of like Whose Line is it Anyway? but way less cheesy and without Wayne Brady.  Ad-Libs brought the chuckles.

Improv comedy is precarious and somewhat terrifying to watch — one fudged joke and it all goes to hell.  The fun part is being implicated in the terror, because that just amplifies the funny jokes.  You can feel the audience rooting for the comedians, too.

Next up were a few members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, a NYC bastion of Chicago-style longform improv.  They talked about their most embarrassing moments, and many of those moments involved youthful foibles with gross-out endings.  We were the perfect audience: adults in age, adolescents at heart.

That guy plays one of the TGS staff writers on 30 Rock!  He was kind of disgusting and really hilarious.  Enjoyable stuff, made all the more enjoyable because the comedy show was in the Spa, a mere 20 feet away from all kinds of late-night snax like chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks.  Nothing goes with belly laughs like a belly full of fried meats and cheeses, am I right?