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CTM: 50 Kinds of Students Who Go to Skidmore

Here’s a list of 50 kinds of people you’ll find at Skidmore College:

  1. Soccer players
  2. Writers
  3. Dancers
  4. Biologists
  5. Computer nerds
  6. Crossword puzzle enthusiasts
  7. Readers
  8. Banjo players
  9. Arabic, Korean,and Hebrew speakers
  10. Jugglers
  11. Quidditch players
  12. Documentary filmmakers
  13. Dog lovers
  14. Tour guides
  15. Entrepreneurs
  16. Equestrians
  17. Actors
  18. Meme-makers
  19. Costume designers
  20. Liberty League championship game-winning basketball players (WOOO)
  21. Painters
  22. People who are really good at doing math
  23. Resident Assistants
  24. International students
  25. Those who deeply love the library
  26. Theater directors
  27. Bloggers (hi!)
  28. Comedians
  29. Graphic designers
  30. Radio personalities
  31. People who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and more
  32. Fashionistas
  33. Art historians
  34. Vegetarians and vegans
  35. Those obsessed with chicken fingers (hi!)
  36. Curators
  37. Discussion leaders
  38. Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer/questioning/intersex/allied students
  39. Ballerinas
  40. Orchestra musicians
  41. Swimmers and divers
  42. Television producers
  43. Economists
  44. Do-gooders
  45. Outdoorsy folks
  46. Culturally aware students
  47. A capella and gospel singers
  48. Bucket-drummers
  49. Cinephiles
  50. People who know Creative Thought Matters

CTM: Winter at Skidmore

Brrr!  It was actually really cold out yesterday, cold enough to wear like four sweaters for the brief walk between my apartment and Case Center.  Cold enough to break out the thermal socks!  I actually like winter at Skidmore — frigid conditions make any warm indoor area feel heavenly in comparison.  Another winter bonus: the good folks at Skid have put together a little holiday slideshow, and it’s heartwarming enough to combat the stress of finals and saying goodbye to good friends for winter break.


Ten more reasons to love Skidmore during the cold months:

  1. Covered walkways that connect the art studio, the library, the student center, d-hall and a few residence halls.  They help keep the snow out of your hair at the very least.
  2. The annual Saratoga Chowderfest, when downtown restaurants offer samples of their own signature chowders.  Chorizo and blue tortilla corn chowder?  Spicy bacon clam chowder?  Yee yee.  Mark your calendars for February 2012!
  3. SGA usually hosts some kind of winter carnival with hot chocolate, games, fun stuff, yadda yadda yadda.
  4. There are a ton of lectures, concerts, a capella jams, and movie screenings to distract us from the fact that it’s four degrees outside.
  5. The Snow Sports club arranges carpools to nearby mountains for ski and snowboarding trips.
  6. Don’t worry about slipping and falling on the ice on your way to an apartment party…there are hefty buckets full of salt stationed strategically around campus, so slippery sidewalks are rare indeed.
  7. D-hall has enough comfort food to obliterate Seasonal Affective Disorder; they serve a full-on Thanksgiving dins (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce) every two weeks.
  8. Winter brings two fun fashion events: the Element Fashion Show, which involves vintage, recycled and repurposed clothing designed by students, and the Ujima Fashion Show, an event created by Skidmore’s African/African-American/Caribbean awareness club.
  9. You can go ice skating at the Saratoga City rink, or just watch a Skidmore hockey game.
  10. Winter does end…eventually!

How Was…SEC Big Show w/ TV On The Radio?

SEC is Skidmore’s Student Entertainment Company, and they’re responsible for pulling in all the big acts we see, including the revered Big Show of the semester.  Past Big Shows have included Grizzly Bear, Talib Kweli, JFK from MSTRKRFT (a show heavy on consonants), Janelle Monáe, Dan Deacon, Dead Prez and Girl Talk.  This year SEC really outdid themselves and snagged TV On The Radio.  The show was bananas.

The show was in the big gym in our athletic center; these dudes blasted the huge room with so much sound that I thought my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.  Everyone freaked out when TVOTR played “Staring at the Sun” and “Wolf Like Me,” but people were generally excited as it was.  Fridays are when you let the stress go, and what better stress-relief than semi-moshing in a large crowd of fellow Skiddies?

Because I am a sneaky person, I gradually weaseled my way closer and closer to the stage, trying to get a better view of all the trombone-blowing, tambourine-shaking and guitar-shredding that was going on.  Only caveat of the night: tall guys!  Why you gotta stand in the front?! (said in a Marlon-Brando-in-the-Godfather-style accent). You’re at least six feet tall, can’t you see over all our heads anyway?

But at last I made it to the second row.  They launched into a Fugazi cover and I was smooshed in a very energetic and sweaty mosh pit.  Elbows flew but no injuries were sustained.  Pretty sweet.

So thanks TV On The Radio for including Skidmore in your massive jams.  ‘Twas another successful Big Show.  And what do people do after Big Show and before heading downtown?  They get fried, cheesy sustenance at the Spa.  I never saw so many giddy people mowing grilled cheeses and cherry-picking french fries from each other’s plates.

SkidMolly: Sundays

I have a feeling that when I look back on my Skidmore life, Sundays will be what I’ll remember most fondly.  A Skidmore Sunday is special, alternately anxious and dreamy, usually revolving around coffee and light naps and wide wooden library tables.  Sunday is when you catch up on all the work you said you were going to do on Saturday but didn’t do because you decided to watch ten straight episodes of Boy Meets World with your friends instead.  Sunday is when you go to Burgess Café and get a large Pumpkin Spice coffee and eight packets of sugar.  Sunday is when you hit the library unshowered in a flannel shirt and sweatpants, dragging a backpack full of Shakespeare and sociology up the stairs like you’re Sisyphus on the hill.  Sunday is when you write astounding amounts of a paper in record speeds only to follow it up with a silent Skype chat with your best friend at a different school.  Sundays are pleasant and exhausting.


When I lived in the res halls freshman and sophomore year, my Sunday routine was set.  I’d wake up too late, scarf scrambled eggs in d-hall, then hole up in Scribner Library for the next five hours until the dinner hour arrived.  D-hall (that’s what we call the dining hall, seeing as “Murray-Aikens” and “the dining hall” both have too many syllables) has a pretty great track record for serving sushi on Sunday nights, so after six pieces of California roll and a trip to the Sunday Sundae table (that’s right — buckets of ice cream, zillions of toppings) it was back to the library.  Late-night — the period of time between 8pm and 11pm during which all kinds of fried and cheesy goodies are up for grabs at d-hall — was optional but preferred.  My Sundays were long bouts of schoolwork punctuated by meals.  It was awesome.


Now I no longer have an unlimited meal plan, so d-hall doesn’t have much of a place in my Sunday, but the same relaxed, overtired, work-stimulated mood persists.  They aren’t Sundays, they’re Sun-dazed.  Everyone’s tired, still in pajamas sometimes, nodding to each other.  “How was your weekend?”  Sundays have a wonderful progression of time.  I can finish reading a novel for class, catch up on the news, outline an essay, read a few classmates’ short stories for fiction workshop and still have time to go to my friend’s house off-campus for chocolate cake and the new Family Guy episode.  Sundays are wide swaths of space for both work and play.  Monday’s due dates loom, but I still float through the day like one of the Frisbees whizzing softly across the green.  Skidmore Sundays are special because they make the busy weeks worth it.