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How Was…Senior Capstone Show at Case Gallery?

Last Monday senior Jasmine Yamazaki debuted her senior capstone show in Case Gallery; it was a combination of English and studio art disciplines, part art installation and part illustrated story.  A bunch of Skid kids wandered into the gallery in Case Center, checking out the dozens of handmade flowers, wax mushrooms and interwoven paper spheres hanging from the ceiling.  Jasmine transformed the small gallery space into a colorful simulated garden.  She hand-wrote her story (about a girl who visits a forest and becomes a tree) and set it up so it spanned three walls with horizontal panels.  So cool! Congrats Jasmine!

Her installation is just one example of the many options Skidmore students have for their senior projects, otherwise known as capstones.  You can write a traditional thesis, take a senior seminar in your major, plan and carry out a lab experiment or psychological study, write a short story collection, create an art show, do a translation of a foreign language text, direct a theater performance, film a documentary…Anything goes as long as it shows a mastery of your subject matter.  Jasmine did a fabulous job of combining her major and minor.  Senior year of college might be a long way in the future, but it sneaks up fast!  Here’s a few more pics:

CTM: Design More, Doodle More, Skidmore

Sometimes you have to take stock of your life and realize you didn’t come up with enough blog categories — hence, the first installment of CTM (Creative Thought Matters, of course), meant for all the random and cool things happening around campus that deserve some blog lovin’.

One cherished annual event here is Beatlemore Skidmania, a performance in which students and professors play Beatles songs for everyone’s listening pleasure.  (My French professor usually plays bass in one of the professorial bands.  Sadly he probably won’t be here this year, as he’s in…France.)  Skid kids go bananas for Beatlemore Skidmania, almost as bananas as the Fab Four’s original screaming fans.  Once the event actually occurs in November you’ll get the full recap from me, but at the moment, there was just a little contest for Beatlemore’s poster and t-shirt designs.  In addition to offering courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork, textiles and printmaking, the studio art department also has a more electronic component: communications design.  Professor Deb Hall’s Comm. Design II class took part in the contest, and the offerings from the students are trippy and colorful and amazing — the decade of the ’60s, brought to you by Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Annie Roos '12 designed this one. So cool!


All the entries together. ...Imagine all the posters, living for todaaaaaay, ah-haaaaa...

The winning design by Sam Shneyer '12. Check out that yellow submarine.

[All photos courtesy of Skidmore’s website]

As you can probably see, the art department is chock-full of clever artists and designers.  Doodlers also abound here — last summer I worked as an RA for Skidmore’s Pre-College Program and got to hang out with a lot of the art students.  Pre-College alum Roni Ramirez recently drew this lovely rendering of our D-hall.




Trust me, if you’ve eaten in D-hall, you’d draw pictures of it for the rest of your life too.  It’s a memorable experience.  This drawing looks like it could be part of a graphic novel set at Skidmore — hey studio art majors, anyone want to take a crack at it?