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Tchau Sao Paulo!


We have just finished not only our 4 week in Sao Paulo, but unfortunately it is also our last. It is difficult to sum up how my experience here was but here comes an arguably frugal attempt at summing up the overall experience. The past four weeks have been and there’s no other way to say this but truly spectacular. I’ve managed to experience some fun activates and more importantly, I got to experience the megapolis of Sao Paulo with truly fantastic people. Mari, a member of our local team, said on the first day that by the end you’ll not want to leave Sao Paulo. Twenty-eight days later she has certainly proved me right. Today we fly to the next part of our program where I will be in uncharted waters. I’m about to head to not only a brand new city but also a brand new country.


Stay tuned for what will hopefully be a very interesting adventure.

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