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Where did the time go?

Two weeks in Barcelona have felt like a month. This isn’t actually meant to be a poor reflection on Barcelona but rather we’ve been taking part in a lot of activities. It feels like we’ve been here for much longer and we as a collective group are coming to enjoy this thriving city. This post is going to be a mild change from the norm of lengthy posts but more picture intense so please enjoy what my words will fail to capture.

This week was filled with numerous and activities which helped to personify why this program isn’t like most study abroad programs. We had whole day activities ranging from spending a day at a farming cooperative which is also an occupation. We also met housing activists who are now in the Barcelona Municipal government, visited an artist cooperative and printed our own shirts.

The main highlight of this week was two very different events. One was a spontaneous weekend trip to the monastery of Montserrat. A couple of us decided to take the trip. Much like many of the sites we’ve visited on this program it turned into a historical lesson mixed with a photoshoot. The other was a small sports event with FC Barcelona at their home ground of Camp Nou. It was an out of this world experience particularly in a stadium that seats roughly three times the population of Saratoga Springs. Without further ado here are the photos, let me know what you think. 😉



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