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A look back…

It’s been little more than two weeks since the semester ended, and I’ve been looking back with how this semester has been. In short, it’s been hard to really describe the experiences I got to bear witness to over the past few months. I was having a fun chat with one of my friends on the program, and we both came to a mutual conclusion. Any description of the study abroad experience will not do it the justice it deserves. We got to see some truly extraordinary things and meet some equally brilliant people.

However, there is a bit of melancholy to this whole experience for I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to experience such a travel experience again. It is almost saddening to hear that, but I suppose I can take into account the positive aspects of that statement. It goes to show how exceptional that experience is. While I would be totally interested in partaking in a similar experience again, I know that it will never be the same because of the people I traveled with. I know I will cherish the time spent with them and that it is never goodbye, but a farewell for I will see them again.

As I enter summer I know, I will enter not only my internship but a senior year with a new wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of memories. The past semester is the first of what will be many adventures. This I’m afraid is the closing chapter of the blog but the adventures will continue on my various social media. Till next time,

– Nitin

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