Honors Forum Event: North Woods Talk and Clean-up

To kick off December, Juniors Kelsey Rogers ’13 and Kaitlin Garofano ’13 organized a North Woods Talk and Clean-up on Saturday, December 3.  The event began with a talk by Economics Professor Bob Jones about the history of the woods (with an emphasis on the former Woodlawn Estate), followed by a walk led by North Woods Stewards Adam Schmelkin ’12 and Charlie Glassberg ’12.  As the stewards pointed out facts about the geology and history of the woods, students picked up litter on (and off) trail.  The walk lasted about 45 minutes, and students cleaned up portions of the Spirit Trail, Red Trail, and Green Trail.

Addy Shreffler ’13 commented, “It was a really great experience!  I’d never really given the North Woods a second glance before so learning some of the history behind it and walking through it was really cool.”  Kailtin and Kelsey organized this event through the Honors Forum Citizenship Project, a project that tasks students with developing an event that meaningfully contributes to campus and/or community life.

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