Memories on the Alumni Tour 2014

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to take a walk in the North Woods with a group of alumni who shared their experiences with us. These alumni ranged from Class of 1974 to Class of 1999, and had many different stories about the woods.


Some of the ’74 alumni remembered that there used to be a ski slope in the woods, which has since been reforested–they confessed to stealing trays from the dining hall and going traying down the slopes! However, they were excited to learn about the trails, which weren’t accessible while they were on campus. Other alumni remembered taking walks in the woods and a few had visited with geology and biology classes.

We shared that the woods are now used for over 30 classes and many research labs. Our network of trails is available for everyone at Skidmore and in the Saratoga (and larger) community. On our walk we got to show some examples our work in the North Woods, as well as discuss our future plans, but mostly listened to the many stories they shared with us! Thank you!

We’d be excited to hear your own memories of the North Woods in the comments below. Also, I know there were a few alumni taking pictures, which we’d love to see! As always, contact us at or

Also, check out our upcoming event, Kid’s Night in the North Woods!

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