Ridding The Trails of Burning Bush

Sana and I continue to work diligently in the woods. For the past 3 weeks or so we have really been focusing our attention on the Red and Blue trails. You might have even seen us working! We are trying our hardest to remove Japanese Burning Bush from this area. Burning Bush is an invasive species that is often used as an ornamental plant because it turns a beautiful red in the autumn. The North Woods are home to quite a couple of rare and endangered plants, including Green Violet which is found in no other part of Saratoga County aside from the North Woods. For this reason, among others it is imperative that we do our best to stem the spread of invasive species and maintain the rich and wonderful diversity of the North Woods.

This Saturday from 10-12pm we will be working
with the Urban Forestry Council to remove some more Burning Bush from the Red/Blue trails. We will meet in the Falstaff’s parking lot, anyone is welcome to join! Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

With that I leave you with a picture of Sana holding up and some huge branches of Burning Bush that she clipped.


Happy Exploring!

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