North Woods Events Updates!

Hi All!

This week, Yesenia is out of town so burning bush removal has slowed down a bit. However, there is a tour scheduled for this evening at 7 starting at the Falstaff’s kiosk. Learn about the historic blue trail and its rich history. Next week, we will be meeting with Camp Northwoods for some light hearted fun with little explorers and we will also be having a focus group for middle school students. The focus group will meet to talk about bike signage concerning the potential bike path that will extend from N Broadway to the middle school. Stay tuned for updates!



7/25/16: North Woods Tour 6:30-7 arrival time at Falstaff’s Kiosk

8/2/16: Middle School Focus Group (If you would like to participate please contact, or Sana at

8/4/16: Camp Northwoods activities

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