Fun with Camp Northwoods!

We’re just finishing up our last week here as summer stewards! Amazing how fast these past 10 weeks just flew by. Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to work with Camp Northwoods during the afternoon. We got to do quite a few things with the campers, from playing “Hawk is Watching!” (a variation of red light green light), to giving them a small tour and history of the red trail, they had a lot of questions about Angeline Tubbs AKA the Witch of Saratoga, we got to teach them a bit about invasive species and what a steward is and does, and mostly we got to let them have fun exploring the woods for a bit. They also built some pretty great fairy/elf houses, photos soon to come! They had a fun time building and we had a good time seeing the light-bulbs go off as they raced to make their perfect tiny elf homes and outrageous stories about them.

Cheers to another wonderful summer, and thank you for reading!

Yesenia and Sana

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