This is a blog for news and information about Skidmore’s North Woods.

Skidmore College’s North Woods are an 155 acre wooded area home to over 660 species of plants, 33 species of ferns, and a variety of friendly animals (from frogs to newts to red-tailed hawks). The woods are a place where people can connect with nature through meditation, walking, hiking, running, or just relaxing. Skidmore maintains four trails in the North Woods (totalling around 4 miles) that are used by the Skidmore and greater Saratoga community alike. The Woods also serve as an outdoor laboratory for Skidmore students and faculty, with over 30 courses using the Woods in their curriculum or for related research. There will be many events in the North Woods taking place this summer that are free and open to everyone, so we hope to see you all out there!

To learn more, check out our Facebook page by searching “Friends of the North Woods!” or clicking here​.

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