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Sep 09

Alli Green goes to Germany

While we all settle into another fall semester on campus, Alli is getting ready for her time in Germany this semester on the IES Metropolitan Studies program AND keeping a blog!! Let’s read it, ok?

Only a few days remain before I boldly go where few Vermonters have gone before and move to Berlin, Germany for the semester. I couldn’t be more excited to experience life in a real metropolitan city; having grown up in a state the population of which doesn’t match even one of New York City’s burrows, let alone the entire metropolis, living in a place like Berlin will be nothing short of an adventure. I can earnestly say that growing up, I didn’t know they made buildings “that tall” and I can’t wait to see a beautiful cityscape up close. I will go without autumn in New England for the first time ever, but I’ll get to feel like a leaf-peeper (how Vermonters dub fall foliage tourists) for once as I take in the wonders of my new home. My only hope is that my host family thinks living with me is half as interesting as I’ll find living with them. I am currently assembling a Vermont-themed hospitality gift, banking on maple syrup and raspberry jam as welcome presents. I am thinking about including a copy of Caldecott Award winning picture book about a local legend “Snowflake Bentley” but I haven’t decided. Read more…


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