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Student Perspective: Return to Skidmore

It’s funny thinking about coming back to Skidmore for my sophomore year. Not only because it is a weird time in a young adult’s life, I’m no longer a naïve first year yet I’m not mature enough to be an upperclassman, but because it’s my first time on campus in the fall. Going to London for my first semester of college was an amazing experience and I would never want to take it back. However, it makes the transition to Skidmore an atypical experience. If you think about it, it’s already a terrifying prospect. A young 18 year old is going away to college for the first time, to begin their experience as an adult, but me and my 37 other peers decided to make this transition even more terrifying. It was a huge adjustment being in another country which continued with the second half of the year when we arrived at Skidmore to take classes and live on campus for the first time. And now the return has begun, and that’s where I’ve noticed how things really are different.

There are people on campus that I got a chance to know for only a little over 3 months, some have graduated and some are now seniors. Yet a new class of over 600 first years have arrived and some of them made the same decision I have. And here I am still feeling like this is my first year on campus but I still have a responsibility to help out the new first years. This in-between phase is something I’m sure many come to understand when they go off to college in general, but I have a feeling that some of my peers don’t truly understand how jarring this process can be. Many of my peers have been here for the full year, and are well acquainted with some of the faculty because of orientation and the variety of other first year programs that helped them adjust to Skidmore. I didn’t even know these programs existed until I saw the new first years going through that process. I have never been fully acquainted with all that Skidmore had to offer in terms of adjusting to this college. So I’ve had to make the transition work for myself.

But honestly, it’s still a lot of fun. In a lot of ways I get to adjust to Skidmore on my own terms, it doesn’t feel forced to jump into anything because I know I’ve made that decision. I may have missed out on some things in that seemingly fictional fall semester, but it just means I have more opportunities to experience new things that I’m sure have lost their luster to some of my classmates. I’m still completely fascinated by Skidmore because it’s still new to me. I still have a fresh view of what it means to be at this college and that makes everything even more exciting.

– Brandon Bogle, 2016
Brandon studied in London, England for the fall 2012 semester on the London First-Year Experience program.

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