Here on campus, we’re starting to wrap up the fall semester. Students are making plans to head home as they study for exams and write their final papers. Some of these students are also going through the long checklist of things to do before they leave for their spring semester abroad.

There’s another group of Skidmore students also making plans to go home for the break.  We’ve got over 120 students that will be returning from abroad in the next month or so and for them, the end of this semester may seem bittersweet.

Coming home from abroad is not always the easiest transition, though this experience is different for everyone. I thought I’d share a few helpful websites to check out for those of you who are about to make the trek back.

What’s up with Culture – (the coming home module)
Welcome Home, Stranger by Alice Wu
Reverse Culture Shock and re-entry – A study abroad paradox

I’ve also asked a few study abroad alums to guest blog in the coming days/weeks to share their experience of returning home, offering thoughts and advice on this transition. Keep checking back for their posts.


Oh! And don’t forget to read our section on coming home! We’ll update the event section once all our dates are official but we’ll be having different events throughout the semester just for our returnees.