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Show and Tell: a new contest for study abroad returnees!!

As we look towards the end of the semester and for some of you, the end of your time here at Skidmore, we’d like to invite a select group of you to showcase your experience of studying abroad.  To make it a bit more fun, the winner of this showcase will be awarded a $500 travel voucher to help go abroad again.

ROUND ONE: Submit a proposal for your showcase (Due March 17th):
Answer the following questions about your study abroad experience. Include with this a proposal on how you plan to showcase this program using your 4 x 4 table space. Email or drop off proposal to our office.

  1. Academics – Tell us about the “study” portion of your study abroad program.
    1. What kind of classes did you take and why?
    2. Did you do any independent research? If so, what?
    3. Anything that you couldn’t have studied here at Skidmore?
    4. How have you brought this back to your on campus coursework? If so, how?
  2. Living abroad – Tell us what your day to day life was like abroad.
    1. What kind of housing were you in? What were your roommates or host family like?
    2. What did you learn about life in your host community? Local foods? Music? Work style? Political differences? Gender roles? etc.
  3. Coming back – Tell us what it’s like to be home? What did you learn and how was/is the transition?
    1. What was it like to come home after a semester abroad?
    2. What, if anything, did you learn about your own culture/country from living abroad
    3. What was the biggest difference/adjustment returning home
  4. Show! If selected as one of the 8 presenters, how do you plan on showing your audience a glimpse into your experience? Photos, music, souvenirs, video, food, other ideas?

Top 8 finalists will be announced March 21st.

ROUND TWO: Show & Tell event – Friday, April 4th, from 11:30am-1:30pm.
The top 8 proposals will be invited to showcase their study abroad experience for a panel of judges. The winner will receive a $500 travel voucher to help get abroad again.

You will be given a four foot table to decorate as you choose fit (photos, souvenirs, slideshow, signs, etc.) and we’ll invite others from the Skidmore community to come hear about your program. This isn’t a sales pitch but more a time for you to reflect on your experience while educating the Skidmore community on all that you did during that time abroad.

You will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Highlighting each topic mentioned above (Academics, Living Abroad, Coming home)
  2. Visual appeal/use of table
  3. Creativity (CTM, right?)

Judges will be clearly identified and you should make sure to highlight the topics (in whatever way you want) to them. For all other people that come to the event, you can simply tell them about your time and see if they have questions. Or do the whole spiel you’d do for the judges…it’s really up to you.

Show and Tell poster

Ok. Let’s review: If you want to enter for a chance to showcase your study abroad experience (and win a travel voucher), submit your proposal by March 17th.
If you’re selected, start preparing to impress the judges for the event on April 4th.


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