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London Freshmen: What’s it Like Coming Back to Skid?

Coming back to campus from the FYE London program was really exciting! I loved London so much (and frequently wished I were back there during the semester) but it was so refreshing to have the crazy amount of clubs and people around that weren’t really so accessible to us while we were abroad. It was nice to come back earlier than everyone else so that we could move our stuff in and get reacquainted with the campus without being overwhelmed by all the new faces and the stress of classes. A lot of other students had worried me about coming back to campus and having trouble breaking into friend groups, but it was really comforting to already have my “London freshman” family. Coming to campus with 32 really good friends significantly boosted my confidence and allowed me to branch out easily. It was also really easy to get involved on campus. I joined the Peer Health Educators, while other London Freshman joined music ensembles and sports clubs like Ultimate Frisbee and Quidditch. Other freshmen were also really interested in getting to know us! My first couple weeks on campus, people from my floor were knocking on my door to welcome me and introduce themselves. It was a really weird experience, but reminded me how friendly Skidmore is. Our orientation leaders also had a huge part in helping us transition back. They’d invite us to eat with them, tell us about events happening on the weekend, and really just took us under their wing. If there would be any piece of advice I’d give you about coming back to Skidmore, it’d be to have no reservations about reaching out to your orientation leaders! They were so nice to us and knew exactly what we were going through. I hope you all had a wonderful time abroad, but I hope you have an even better time back at Skid!

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