Remember when you were a little kid and your teacher asked you to bring in your most prized possession to share with the class? You’d bring in your favorite stuffed animal or video game or best pair of socks and show your peers what mattered most to you. You were the star of the class that day. It was all about you.

This contest is literally no different. Well, yes – there are a few differences:

  1. This is a chance to showcase your study abroad experience to a panel of judges
  2. You have to submit a proposal by March 25th letting us know how you would do this (among other questions)
  3. The top 8 proposals go onto the final round which will be held on April 10th from 12-1:30pm
  4. If you win the Show & Tell contest, you win a $500 travel voucher to go abroad again

show and tell flyer