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“Going, Going, (but not quite) Gone” is the title of student Manuela Tauscher’s recent blog post on her pre-departure experience, which was featured on IES Abroad’s Editor’s Choice Student Blogs. Tauscher is studying abroad with the Environmental Studies & Sustainability program in Freiburg, Germany, and her post offers candid insight into the emotional limbo that most students float through preceding departure. Studying abroad is, at its core, unsettling–beyond literally packing up our lives, it shakes us out of the comforts and habits we have come to rely on and asks us to learn who we are independent of them. To succeed in this, self-awareness is indispensable. Tauscher’s post is fueled by her awareness of what she does and does not know, and navigates the excitement and anxiety that come along with that:

I’m thinking about things such as who’s going to be on my program, how and if I’ll find friends, and not only learning German but also transcending my self-consciousness and actually using it. I know these are the kinds of things that eventually work themselves out, but it’s hard not to worry about what you can’t quite control (at least for right now).


OCSE congratulates you on being featured, Manuela! Read more about her experience here.

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