Are you back from studying off-campus? Do you have a lot to tell your friends and family about your experience? Channel your creative energy into the Show & Tell Contest, where you create a physical representation about your time off-campus. There are two rounds: the first one is where you submit your proposal and then the second round is where your submission is judged. All for a chance to win a $500 travel voucher! This is what should be in your submission:

Answer the following questions about your study abroad experience. Include with this a proposal on how you plan to showcase this program using your 4 x 4 table space. Email or drop off proposal to our office.

Academics – Tell us about the “study” portion of your study abroad program.

What kind of classes did you take and why?
Did you do any independent research? If so, what?
Anything that you couldn’t have studied here at Skidmore?
How have you brought this back to your on campus coursework? If so, how?

Living abroad – Tell us what your day to day life was like abroad.

What kind of housing were you in? What were your roommates or host family like?
What did you learn about life in your host community? Local foods? Music? Work style? Political differences? Gender roles? etc.

Coming back – Tell us what it’s like to be home? What did you learn and how was/is the transition?

What was it like to come home after a semester abroad?
What, if anything, did you learn about your own culture/country from living abroad
What was the biggest difference/adjustment returning home

Show! If selected as one of the 8 presenters, how do you plan on showing your audience a glimpse into your experience? Photos, music, souvenirs, video, food, other ideas?

Top 8 finalists will be announced March 23rd.

The proposal form can be found here and more information on the contest can be found on our website.

We hope to see your proposals soon! The deadline is March 1st, 2018.