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Show & Tell Contest Final Round

The final round of the Show & Tell Contest will be April 6th, 2018 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm on the second floor of Case. These students have been working hard on their exhibits that show their experiences studying off-campus. Get to know the finalists:

Amanda Muir – SIT Mongolia: Geopolitics, the Environment and Nomadism

While Amanda lived in Mongolia she was able to attend many lectures by key thinkers and field trips to the most religious and economic parts of the country. Amanda’s independent study was on the material artifacts that Mongolian nomads had placed around their yurts in order to find patterns, habits, and cultural values of Mongolian individuals. She was able to apply these experiences to Skidmore, where she is now able to assume a stronger role in group projects through clearly communicating tasks, organizing information, and setting goals. In her presentation she hopes to create her favorite dish that she learned from her host family, and play music with the national instrument of Mongolia which is the morin huur (horse head fiddle) that she learned in her spare time.

Samantha Garcia – IES Amsterdam: Social Sciences & Humanities/Study Amsterdam

Samantha is a Sociology major who took two sociology courses and a fine art course while she studied off-campus with IES Amsterdam. She enjoyed furthering her sociology concentration through the lens of dutch culture while taking “Dutch Social Trends, Social Policy, and Social Problems” and “Gender and Sexuality in the Context of the Netherlands”. When Samantha came home from studying off-campus she missed dutch culture and food, but reminds herself that she can take the feeling that Amsterdam gave her anywhere she goes. The table design will be a small replica of the Browerij’t Ij (a brewery next to a windmill) that she lived next to with photos and postcards of the places she visited while studying off-campus.

Miranda Coble – Moscow Art Theater Semester

Miranda studied at the Moscow Art Theater where she furthered her Theater studies while immersed in Russian culture. Her weeks were packed with classes and training with only Sunday available for exploring Moscow. She took Dronzin Movement, Ballet, and Stage Combat.  Miranda was able to further her creative discovery on Skidmore’s campus through acting in Everything You Touch and directing a Studio Lab during the spring semester. Miranda noticed many cultural differences while living in Moscow, including, political, gender, and artistic differences. She hopes to display clips of her performances, Russian film, photos and notes. She also hopes to present some of the movement pieces she learned, traditional Russian songs and dances, along with incorporating the traditional Russian scarf that is a part of these practices.

Zoe McGuire – Syracuse Florence

Zoe is an Art History major who spent her semester traveling around Italy appreciating all of the art that the country had to offer. Her experience was unique because she lost her phone during her travels so she had to document what she saw through sketching and writing in a journal. She discovered that experiencing her off-campus study without technology allowed her to live in the moment and without the instant gratification or curation of social media. Zoe was able to apply living without technology when she came back home, where she continues to sketch and journal her life in upstate New York. Her exhibit will display the sketches that she created in order to document her time off-campus without a cellphone.

Reshma Harripersad – SIT Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights

While Reshma studied off-campus through SIT Morocco she took Arabic in the morning and attended lecture-based classes in the afternoon. She gained a fuller understanding of Islam as a religion and Morocco’s history of colonization by the Spanish and French where those relations and influences are visible in contemporary times. She was given the ability to study a topic that she might not have been able to study in the US. Her month-long independent study was dedicated to magic and mysticism in Morocco and North Africa. Reshma found it difficult to sum up her experience studying off-campus to her friends back home, and she also found it difficult to adjust back to the Skidmore bubble. Since Reshma has been back on Skidmore’s campus she has been able to talk about her experiences from her off-campus study during class discussion. She hopes to showcase pottery, jewelry, clothing, postcards, tapestries, calligraphy along with the stories, people, events, and places attached to each item.

Wiley Hopkins – SIT Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

Wiley studied off-campus in Nepal through SIT where he took intensive Tibetan language courses three hours a day five days a week. He also completed an independent study where he spent three weeks in the remote valleys in the upper Ghorka district. The study was a creative non-fiction ethnography piece that reflected the life as a woman in these remote villages. Wiley primarily lived with his home stay father but he had a dozen other home stay visits during his travels, where he developed significant relationships. Coming back home was difficult getting readjusted but he will always remember the feeling of looking out over the giant range of snow-capped majesty. Wiley has a lot of photos that he took, treasures, hand woven items, music, interviews, sounds, stories, and a tasty plate of alu momo (potato dumplings) for his table.

Maryam Dewitt – Travel Seminar: Music & Culture in Bali; Alternative Spring Break to Guatemala

Maryam went on the Guatemala and the Bali travel seminars which allowed her to grow as an individual and as a contributor to society. It gave her the mindset that there is a life beyond the one that she knows which has added to her growth. While in Guatemala she learned that if she were to travel again that she would appreciate living with the community that she will be learning from and interacting with the most. Her time spent in Guatemala taught her that exposing herself to non-western influences is critical. It gave her a hunger for knowledge that is not taught by a textbook, but first-hand through culture and traditions. This prompted Maryam to go on her second travel seminar to Bali, where she learned that there is no one way to approach a situation. She also learned that music is universal and movement is permanent. She learned that family is not genetics but it is love and care from those around you. She hopes to present her experiences travelling off-campus through a scrapbook in the form of a map and suitcase that has information from each location, pictures, souvenirs, money, and some journal entries.

Alex McElhoe – Skidmore in Spain

Alex took classes at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and the Tufts-Skidmore program center alongside an internship for credit opportunity. Alex’s presentation will display her journals, sketches, photos, and graphic designs that she created for internship at the Prado Museum in Madrid. She wants to make the experience interactive, so she will include the actual journal that she wrote in, postcards from her travels, and a slideshow of the photos that she took.

Save the date:

April 6th, 2018

12:00pm – 1:30pm

2nd Floor of Case Center



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