Hello everyone! A warm welcome back to our somewhat warm-ish Fall semester here at Skidmore college. As we transition back into our daily routines, let’s recognize the Skidmore students who are also transitioning to new countries. We are pleased to present the bloggers for the Fall 2018 semester:

Lily Esposito, Skidmore in New Zealand

Carrie Everett Baker, Durban, South Africa – The Big 5

Carrie Geser, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland – Cara Geser Studies Abroad!

Emma Porter, Women and Gender studies Carleton College – A Gendered Jaunt Across Europe

Indulge into these bloggers’ wonderful tales of what it’s like to experience a semester abroad. Additionally, just a friendly reminder that we have walk-in hours Monday through Friday from 1pm to 4pm in the OCSE office if you are interested in studying off-campus.


Hope to see you soon!