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Viva la Vida of Spain

Hello, fellow readers! My name is Alex, and I did the Skidmore in Spain program during the Fall semester of 2017. I always knew that I wanted to go abroad at some point during college, but I chose Spain for a specific reason.

I wanted to go to a spanish-speaking country, but specifically one that I had never visited before. As a dual citizen with Chile, I was already well-acquainted with Latin American cultures. My mom was born and raised in Santiago, and we visited several Latin American countries during my upbringing. It was incredible to absorb so many different cultures with my family, but I was ready to explore a new culture by myself.

So,voilà! Excuse my French, because I went to Madrid. Like it is for most other students, my transition was difficult. I missed my family, friends, fat cats, and bed almost everyday. But the kindness of my host family, the environment of my classes, the beauty of the city, and the prospect of adventure was what got me out of bed every morning. Furthermore, it was so much fun to make new friends! The top picture is me on the right and my bff Jaya on the left. She is a Tufts student, but she was part of the same program as me. To this day, we still keep in touch regularly and make an effort to see each other every time I come home from Skidmore.

I also wanted to add in these two photos I took in Segovia. I’ve always loved finding new places to take photos, and Europe was like entering a gold mine. Normally, I yawn when my parents start to go on and on about the detailed architecture of random buildings, but the castle in Segovia had me mesmerized. I admired every little detail – it was a castle that I thought could only appear in dreams (or Disney movies).


And don’t even get me started on how beautiful it looked during the sunset.

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