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Let’s Tour Vienna!

I spent 9 months in this relatively small but beautiful city in central Europe. I have now been almost 9 months away from her and I miss her terribly! Looking through some pictures of my first week there, it felt like a virtual tour that I would like to share with the world. So, here we go!

My first day in Vienna, you can imagine I wanted to see everything. Of course, I couldn’t, but I started off with Karlskirche (literally, the church of Carl), which came to be one of my favorites in the city.

Next stop was the Vienna State Opera! I got to see the inside of it many times since it only costs 3 euros to get standing tickets. It is a gift to music-lovers. I forced everyone who visited me to go to a performance. Here is a picture of my now opera-fan friend and me!

In the center of the city, within the “Ring” (as they call the older and most central block of the city), you can find the Museumsquartier, or simply Museum Quarter. If you are interested you can go inside – if not, try to take artsy pictures of the buildings (like I did, see below)

Lastly I want to show you the Vienna City Hall – the famous Rathaus. Rathausplatz is the big square where the city hall is situated. There is a lot of space that looks empty in the picture below, but it is actually full most of the time! In the summer there is a film festival, in December and early January there is a Christmas market, and up until March there is an ice-skating rink. Bring mittens!

I hope you have enjoyed this very basic tour of Wien! I highly recommend it as a place for art and fun!

  • Christina Pavlaki


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