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My Top Three Favorite Study Spots in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

By student assistant Alena Larsen ’19

I am terrible at completing homework in my home. I get easily distracted and usually end up taking naps. While abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I did not have a space like Skidmore’s lovely Scribner Library to escape to when I needed to be productive. As a solution, I began adopting various bubble tea shops and cafes as study spaces. Ho Chi Minh City has a different café on nearly every block. Below are my top three favorite study spots in Ho Chi Minh City. My recommendations are concentrated near my program’s center; however, these locations are chains and can be found in other areas of the city.  If you study abroad in Vietnam, I hope you try some of these locations!

1.) Too Cha

Too Cha is my favorite bubble tea shop and a great place to do work in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a chain, but I usually went to the location in District 1.  It has Wi-Fi, plenty of plugs for laptop chargers, and an overall nice atmosphere for studying. It sells basic bubble tea flavors. While the tea is nothing too creative compared to other bubble tea shops in the city, I appreciate that they are consistent and never run out of boba, a problem I encountered at other stores.

2.) Café Đen Đá

Café Đen Đá in District 1 is a perfect location for late night studying. It is open 24 hours. In addition to Wi-Fi, it has drinks, including bubble tea (if you can’t tell, I love bubble tea), and food for a great price. At first it looks small, but there is a huge space upstairs with a great atmosphere for studying. A lot of college students work here.

3.) Trung Nguyen Café Legend

Trung Nguyen Café Legend was my favorite place to work. I went to several locations in Ho Chi Minh City and all were consistent. The atmosphere is calming, there is always free water and iced tea, and the Wi-Fi is decent. Sections of the coffee shop are covered in sand giving customers the feeling that they are at a beach. The shop played soft acoustic music that is easy to listen to without getting distracted. This café would be my number one recommendation; however, it is more expensive than most cafes in Ho Chi Minh City, a factor that limited my visits.

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