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A Year Ago Today: A Corsica Adventure

Time has flown by since last year. Ever since returning from my abroad experience I have been nostalgic about all the adventures I had and the people I met. Last fall I spent 5 months in Freiburg, Germany with IES studying the German Language. After a month in, we had the opportunity to go to Berlin with the program or have a week off to travel. Having already been to Berlin, I decided to go on a solo adventure and reach outside my comfort zone. After hoping online and googling “Tropical Islands Near Me”, I came to the bold conclusion that Corsica, a small island off the southern coast of France, would be my tropical vacation.

Bonifacio coastline by drone           

Small waterfall in the rainforest of Corsica that I stumbled across

Went snorkeling with some fish friends

Turquoise water with white yachts and sandy beaches, photo taken by drone

Today, the 30thof September, I was taking a bus through the German countryside to Basel, and from there taking the cheapest EastJet flight I could find and off to the small foreign island. Traveling alone while abroad was always something I enjoyed. It gave me time to reflect as well as push myself to leave everything comfortable and grow myself as a traveler and person. Things didn’t go smoothly the entire time however. Locals wouldn’t give me directions, I lost one of my SD cards for my camera, and I put diesel in a gas car. Everything didn’t go to plan, but it never knocked me completely down. I found a way amongst the mess, to see the beautiful island, whether it was relaxing on the white sand beaches, or swimming in the crystal turquoise water, or exploring private waterfalls in the rainforest. I learned a lot from my time in Corsica, about myself and how I travel, as well as how other cultures view travelers. Corsica is a small island where locals are less inviting and especially if you don’t speak French (which I didn’t). As a traveler, you should be understanding of this and understand that people love their homes and respect the land on where they live. I learned this throughout all my travels, but primarily on my getaway to this hidden gem of an island. I hope to return someday, but for now all I can do is reminisce on this amazing adventure, thinking back to a year ago today.

Here is a link to a video I created from my trip!

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