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My Digital Story

Below is a link to my digital story, a video i created to tell the story about how I met two life-long friends from one early morning adventure. Watch the video below!


With the *click* of the shutter, a photo is taken. A memory, stored forever without limits. While I spent my whole year abroad I took photos. A lot of photos. Memories that I would never want to forget, and now I never will.

Photography and videography has been a passion of mine for years, and both these things go hand-in-hand with traveling. But what makes photography and videography authentic? And how can you achieve your greatest work in a country that is foreign to you? My answer to this question came in the form of two people: Johannes and Arthur.

I studied abroad my fall semester of my junior year in Freiburg, Germany also known as the land of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). The tall evergreen trees, beautiful German culture, and loud Glockenspiels flooded the city. I was asked one night by my friends “Come on lets go out and party!” I declined the invitation because I had another plan for the following morning. When you are in a country by yourself, every moment seems to be special and that what I wanted to do, have a special morning. My plan was to hike up the Schlossbergturm, which was a large metal tower that overlooks the Black Forest city. I was alone, amidst the fog, 170m in the air. But not alone for long. 15 minutes after I was there two tall German men climbed up and introduced themselves to me and we talked for hours about photography/videography. We planned trips and talked about our inspirations for our art. We parted ways after a foggy drone session and the next morning we were off to the depths of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Johannes and Arthur were like me, adventurous souls who, were never just about the photo, but were about the experience. Time with them offered me the opportunity to not just take photos and videos, but to learn about their lives, their culture, and their future dreams. I think that my adventures and trips with Johannes and Arthur helped me broaden my views on the German culture, as well as get to step out of my comfort zone and meet strangers who, like me, had a passion for the beauty of the world around us. Those towering mountains, snow covered and glistening will always be remembered. Along with those two goofy Germans, who I met one foggy morning and turned into lifelong friends.


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