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Student Reflection: Cusco, Peru

Island of Taquille

I was lucky enough to live in Cusco, Peru during the spring semester of my junior year, it was truly an incredible and eye opening experience.

Peruvian Farmer at work

During the last month of my program I lived with an indigenous Quechua farming community on the island of Taquille, where I studied their system of cultivation, as they grew the majority of their own produce. I came away, however, with a greater understanding of their way of life. Which was in my opinion a calmer and more sustainable way of living than the mad dash for individual success I have experienced in the United States. This is something I value above all else from my study abroad experience.

Peruvian Woman weaving

Sure the academics were interesting but the ability to immerse yourself in another way of living that is so much different that your own opens up your eyes to the world around you.

Written by Colin Clarcq  20′

Photos taken by Colin Clarcq  20′

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