Below is a list of past and current Skidmore student blogs from abroad. These are student run blogs that our office just compiles for others to use in their search process. If you’d like your study abroad blog added to this list to be used as a resource for other students, email us the link!


Doubtful Passenger (Globalinks, Queensland College of Art, Spring 2013)

Land Down Under (Globalinks, University of Melbourne, Spring 2013)

Zoe Goes Downunder (School for Field Studied, Spring 2012)


Wanderlust in Wien (IES: Vienna, Spring 2013)


Waiguoren in China (Skidmore Teach in China, Spring 2014)

Costa Rica

Pura Vida Zia (School for Field Studies in Atenas, Spring 2016)

Czech Republic

The Shy Observer (SIT: Prague, Spring 2013)


Chris in Copenhagen (DIS Abroad, Fall 2013)


Adventures of Emily in London (Shakespeare Programme, Fall 2012)

Art, Food, and Life in London (Skidmore in London, Spring 2016)

Cheers, Kev.: Adventures with the Sass in Europe (Skidmore in London, Spring 2014)

London 2014 (Skidmore in London, Spring 2014)

Semester in London: Theatre, Classes, and Adventures (Shakespeare Programme, Fall 2012)

Tea Time With Mirella (Shakespeare Programme, Fall 2014)


Evian (Skidmore in Paris, Fall 2016)

Katie Abroad (Skidmore in Paris, Spring 2015)

Lettres de Claire Louise (Skidmore in Paris, Fall 2015)

paris-en-couleurs (Skidmore in Paris, Spring 2015)

Sick of Suburbia (Skidmore in Paris, Spring 2014)

Sophia (Skidmore in Paris, Spring 2013)


maggieinberlin (IES Berlin, 2014)


Chapter Four: European Adventures (IES: Milan, Spring 2013)

Katie Abroad (Syracuse: Florence, Fall 2014)


Deja vu Tokyo (CIEE: Sophia University, Fall 2013)

My Experience Studying Abroad in Japan (CIEE Sophia University, Spring 2013)

Ohayou From Tokyo (CIEE: Sophia University, Spring 2016)

Multiple Countries

NOLA to INDIA to ARGENTINA to S. AFRICA (IHP Health and Community, Spring 2014)

People, Places, and Photos (IHP Cities of the 21st Century: People, Places, and Politics, Fall 2015)

New Zealand

New Zealand Is: (University of Auckland, Fall 2016)

Lord of the Rocks (Frontiers Abroad, Spring 2016)

Voyages to Mt. Doom and Beyond (Frontiers Abroad, Spring 2014)


Sunshine, Sand and Samoa (SIT: Samoa, Spring 2013)

South Africa

You’re Off to Great Places (CIEE: University of Cape Town, Spring 2014)


Sydney in Spain (CIEE: University of Alicante, Fall 2016)

IVI@DR!D  (Skidmore in Spain, Spring 2014)

Marking Madrid (Skidmore in Spain, Spring 2016)

Mi Propio Espacio (Skidmore in Spain, Spring 2016)

When in Spain (Skidmore in Spain, Fall 2015)


Pasquale (DIS Stockholm, Fall 2016)

Tanzania – Zanzibar

Existence Divuldged (SIT, Spring 2015)

Zanzibar (SIT, Spring 2014)