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Concerts in London

Would you believe in the 20 years I had lived before going to London, I never attended a concert before? Well, there was one when I was about 4, 5, or 6… basically too young to remember, which was a… Continue Reading →

Finding Ways to get Exercise While Abroad

By student assistant Alena Larsen I enjoy exercising a few times a week. While I was abroad in Brazil and Vietnam, I found it slightly challenging to find places to exercise given that I was living with host-families and my… Continue Reading →

Best Brunches in D.C.

By student assistant Rachel McPherson After a busy week of interning and taking classes, Saturday and Sunday mornings always involved sleeping late and grabbing brunch in the city. It was the perfect way to catch up with friends and enjoy… Continue Reading →

How I matched Madrid with my Major

Hello Skidkids! Thinking about going abroad? Good! But are you worried about how it will work with your major? Totally natural. Deciding to study off-campus for a semester or two is a wonderful decision, but it takes a lot of… Continue Reading →

The Stars Shine Brightest in Bathurst

As part of the study abroad program I came with to Australia, I spent a weekend on a farm in Bathurst. I was looking forward to this trip as a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of… Continue Reading →

Tips! How to Prepare for Studying Off-Campus

By student assistant Christina Pavlaki ’19 Dear study-abroad applicants, You will soon be hearing back from your study abroad program! If you find out that your off-campus experience will be somewhere cooler than Saratoga Springs, you will want to start… Continue Reading →

My Top Three Favorite Study Spots in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

By student assistant Alena Larsen ’19 I am terrible at completing homework in my home. I get easily distracted and usually end up taking naps. While abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I did not have a space like… Continue Reading →

Chile vs. Spain: The Diversity of the Spanish World

One of the beautiful things about Spanish is that it encompasses a rich history made up of several different cultures each with their very own dialect. Despite the different dialects, most Spanish speakers are able to communicate with one another…. Continue Reading →

Tips for Re-adjusting to Upstate New York Winters

By Matt Simkowitz ’19 Dear study abroad returnees, First of all, congratulations! You’ve successfully completed one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your college career: studying abroad! You’ve navigated a culture and destination much different from your own,… Continue Reading →

Springing into the Spring Semester – Welcome Back!

Welcome back Skidkids!!  It’s great to be back, we hope your transitions into the semester are going well. As everyone starts to figure out their routines, we have a couple of exciting announcements to make! Lively Lucy Goes Global –… Continue Reading →

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