Skidmore College Geosciences Department Picks Up Richmond, VA, Earthquake on Seismometer – UPDATED

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY) – Did you feel any shaking on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, a little before 2pm? It would have been for between 20 and 30 seconds. Well if you did, it was likely the magnitude 5.9 earthquake outside of Mineral, Virginia, which struck at 1:51pm and occurred 3.7 miles below the surface of […]

We’re Hiring

The Skidmore College GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research is hiring two new students for the fall semester. The job is focused on developing advanced knowledge and skills in spatial data management and analysis through development of campus data, database administration, and the support of research projects. The Lab Assistant will also work on pilot testing […]

GIS Center Adds Some Mystery to the Skidmore Campus

In Fall 2010 the Skidmore College GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research decided to add a little mystery to the Skidmore Campus. Alex Chaucer coordinated with his student assistants, Sarah Llewleyn ’12, Greg Lloyd ’11, Aaron Miller ’12 and Andrew Noone ’11 to create a series of mystery maps for the campus to try and figure […]

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