Mystery Map IX

We’re thrilled to bring you this week’s map in a new format. Over the past several weeks, we’ve worked to bring you dynamic maps, so that you may move around and further explore the mapped data. Today, we bring you the result:

If you have any issues viewing or interacting with the map please post a comment.

You can use the tools to move about the map, switch base layers under the data, and measure distances. When you’ve got a guess what we’ve mapped, post in the comments. We’ll announce a winner next week.

21 Comments on “Mystery Map IX

  1. Geocoded address of Stewart’s stores?
    All the points seem to be on roads and for most of them (at least in the OpenStreetMap basemap) there is a Stewart’s shopping basket icon nearby 🙂

    The data could have come from Open Street Map but I found a couple of counter-examples (i.e. points without a Stewart’s nearby – e.g. in Philmont) so I am guessing that the list of stores comes from a more authoritative source, possibly the Stewart’s website.

    In addition, a quick search (i.e. reading the source code) led to a GeoServer layer called “GeocodingCityOnlyt” – but that doesn’t much!

  2. Hi everyone…

    Just a note on our commenting policy. We love comments…but want to give people the chance to try and figure the map out without being influenced by the correct answer in the comments. So, if a comment is accepted and posted that means it is an incorrect guess…if a comment is accepted and not posted that means it is right! We will post all the comments next week….

    So, if you don’t see yours….that means you got it!

    So, use the comments as spatial distributions you can rule out and try to figure out what has been mapped. This seems to work…but we are always open to suggestions of other ways to manage the comments…

    Also, this is the first interactive mystery map – a new flavor of cartography for the digital world….thoughts?

    Keep the guesses coming!

  3. I think this map has something to do with Hurricane Irene. Perhaps requests for government funding due to Hurricane Irene impacts.

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