Getting Started With The Skidmore Community Carpool

Hi Folks,

Well, you already know carpooling is a good thing. So how do you find someone to carpool with from the Skidmore Community?

A few years ago, a Skidmore GIS student worked to create a map of all the people that work at Skidmore College. You can view it here:

Map of Skidmore College Carpool Zones
Skidmore College Community Carpool Map

With this map, you can see what Zone you are in. The Zones on the map are outlined in red with a little red number in the corner. If you fall outside of a boundary, just use the closest one. If you live close to Skidmore, it is assumed you will walk or bike to work 🙂

Why Carpool? This map was created to help Skidmore College employees make connections with folks that live nearby and commute to work, with the goal of saving people mileage on their cars, fuel savings, cost savings, and making riding to work a more social event.

So, now that you know what Zone you are in, how do you connect with a fellow employee to carpool with?

Knowing your Zone, go to the Skidmore Community Carpool Forum at this link here OR just click on the Zone you are interested below:
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9

2) Log in on the right hand side with your Skidmore name and password. For example, Login: achaucer with my Skidmore password.

3) Make sure you are in the correct Zone #

4) See if there are any posts. Do you see someone in there? If so, contact them! Their name should be the beginning of their Skidmore email address. If their name is listed, just look them up on the Skidmore faculty/staff directory.

5) If not, make a post in your Zone # using the “Add A Reply” box. Just post that you are interested in carpooling following the example.

6) Hopefully someone will contact you soon. Check back and see.

7) For more details on posting to a public group forum (with screenshots) go here. For a few more details, once you have logged in, see the topic GETTING STARTED in the forum here. For more general tips on carpooling and carpooling etiquette, see the link here.

Happy trails!


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  1. Alex, this looks great.It’s not really useful for me because I live right in town. But I would expect it to be useful to people who live in those clustered areas, and now with the price of gas climbing people may well want to take advantage of it.

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