The New and Improved GIS Center in the Library is Hiring

Ch ch ch changes….

So, if you have been in Dana lately you have noticed that the old GIS Center is no longer a student space, but is being used for administrative purposes. So, for anyone used to using the Center on a regular basis, your return to campus this fall will be bittersweet. While the former space has been reoccupied, the new space more than heartily compensates being more spacious and more centrally located on campus. The NEW GIS Center has now been relocated to the Lucy Scribner Library on the 2nd Floor.

Here is a first glimpse of the new space.

The New GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Additionally, here’s a gigapan from when it was under construction here.

Tis the season of change, and we are in a building year. We are looking for 3 responsible individuals to help carry out all the important work that has to be done in this beautiful new space. Not only that, but there are new computers too. An not just computers, these things rival the computing capacities of Applesoft and MicroGoog.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Check here to apply NOW!

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