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A Walk in the Woods

We would like to thank everyone who came out last Friday to walk through the North Woods with us! We discussed some of the woods’ rich history, unique plant life, and diverse geology. For example, did you know that about … Continue reading Continue reading

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Starting Week 4!!

We cannot believe that we have already spent three weeks as North Woods Stewards! We have been hard at work pulling up invasive garlic mustard in the woods, and today we will start eradicating barberry. We have also been helping out … Continue reading Continue reading

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Welcome from Your 2015 North Woods Stewards!

Greetings! We are the 2015 summer North Woods Stewards and we welcome you to a summer of exciting exploration and learning! Over the past two weeks we been removing and mapping invasive species in the woods, removing trash, and planning … Continue reading Continue reading

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Summer Progress Update June 15, 2015

As of June 15, 2015, the summer is off to a good start in the GIS Center. We have completed the first module in the Data Science Toolkit from Johns Hopkins, and are set up for utilizing R and Github. There has been numerous GIS requests for summer research projects which are keeping the daily flow of traffic moving in the GIS Center. Additionally, we have begun some collaborations with the Sustainability Office and the MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute, supporting their mapping needs, as well as assisting with the Urban Forestry project website redesign. Physically in the GIS Center, we have a new full size wall map and a new flat file map cabinet in our printer room (Thank you to the great facilities folks, George Sperow and Michael Wicks, who assisted with the install). Alex Jackson, the Lab Assistant for Summer 2015, has completed 6 ESRI Virtual Training courses, including Python for Everybody and a rigorous course in spatial analysis, and earned certificates in expanding his geospatial knowledge. GIS Center Wall Map Installation Photos by Alex Chaucer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Based on a work at and Permissions beyond the scope of this […] Continue reading

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Researching Data Analytics for GIS

This summer in the GIS Center we are expanding the center’s capacity as we research data analytics in the context of GIS and data science related programming languages. To this end, we are focusing on two emerging geospatial tools, ArcGIS Online and CartoDB for web based mapping applications, as well as adopting R, Python, and SQL for more in depth data analysis. In order to accomplish our goals, we currently have one main project that will be a collaboration with another summer student researcher that focuses on CartoDB and applying SQL queries for a local community project called the Sustainable Saratoga Urban Forestry Project. We will also be learning about database design through an online textbook and tutorials. Additionally, we will be utilizing online ESRI training to explore the Python capabilities in ArcGIS Desktop, while also utilizing CodeAcademy for Python training, and an online course through the University of Michigan called Programming for Everybody (Python). For R training, we are focusing on a series of courses through Johns Hopkins called the data science specialization, which introduces a data science toolkit, and quickly focuses on R for working with large datasets. We may also supplement with a course offered through codeschool […] Continue reading

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