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Glaven Object Files

I’ve posted the Glaven STL and OBJ object files in the Software, Data & Geometry section. Go have a look and let me know if you use them or even download them for that matter. Continue reading

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Gibson ‘Feelie’ Object Files

I’ve created a OBJ and STL repository of printable / renderable versions of Gibson’s ‘feelies’ haptic dataset. Go have a look and let me know if you download and/or use them. Continue reading

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New Semester, New Bloggers

This fall we have four student bloggers overseas: Check out their blogs for great content, photographs, and videos about their experiences abroad! Renato Dornelas. Class of 2018. Studying at the University of  Auckland, New Zealand. Sydney Tennant. Class of 2018. Studying at the CIEE Language & Culture program in Alicante, Spain Pasquale Tosto. Class of 2018. Studying at …

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Week 19

Work for the week of September 12th, Circuit 2 bores completed with looping and grouting Circuit 1– 6 bores remaining to be looped and grouted Circuit 3 lateral trench has been completed with lateral piping fusing and testing and is being backfilled Second bank of parking lot lighting bases installed and electrical wiring being installed Second tier of … Continue reading Week 19 Continue reading

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A busy summer in the GIS Center…

It was a busy 2016 summer in the GIS Center. Connor Christoffersen was the lab assistant, and was instrumental in the projects accomplished. The main projects were working on our Community Geography initiative in partnership with the Wilton Wildlife Preserve, supporting 3 faculty summer research teams and their 6 students, and making progress on individual campus […] Continue reading

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Week 18

Work for the week of September 5th, 2016 Critical benchmark achieved, bore hole drilling was completed on Friday, Sept. 2nd–drilling rigs are off the site 240 bores, averaged ~15 bores per week – ~14,000 linear feet of geo-exchange 1-1/2″ vertical piping/week, Circuit 3 and 2 continue to be looped and grouted Circuit 4 lateral trench has been dug and bedded- have … Continue reading Week 18 Continue reading

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Luxo Bookmark

Here’s something that might interest the Pixar fans/geeks out there-   I was cleaning up my lab today, and I found a copy of the RenderMan Companion (hey- I animated that cover image!) with a bookmark in it — more… Read More Continue reading

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