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Retina and LGN

A demonstration written in Mathematica to show the interaction of the retina and LGN on the sampling of image information from the eyes. You can play with the receptive field size to see how the whole “Hybrid Images”… Read More Continue reading

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Workshop: Use a smartphone to make an interactive map tour

Are you interested in creating an interactive map tour, using nothing but your smartphone and free mapping tools? Perhaps you want to map outdoor art, or graffiti, or you want to use it in science for looking at invasive species, or maybe you are more interested in mapping out history and land use change in the watershed? Come to my workshop on Friday at noon for the workshop: Digital Map Storytelling With ArcGIS Online to learn how to create interactive map tours. Workshop will be held in the GIS Center, 2nd Floor, Lucy Scribner Library, Friday 11/22/2013 at Noon. To view the workshop schedule click HERE. Seating is limited, so register for the workshop today HERE. Continue reading

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