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The Skidmore Geoscience Augmented Reality Sandbox

By Alex Chaucer and Connor Christoffersen So, you may have heard the term “augmented reality” (AR) lately.  It is gaining in name recognition due to the new Pokémon GO game that many are playing, even here at Skidmore. Did you know that augmented reality can be used as an instructional technology in the college classroom? The […] Continue reading

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Gotta map ’em all

Pokémon GO is a new augmented reality, location-based game. As it has been dominating the news since it’s release, we thought it might be a good idea to help campus visitors who might be searching the campus for digital goodies. The GIS Center analyzed the campus and found the key Pokémon resources that folks might […] Continue reading

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Researching Data Analytics for GIS

This summer in the GIS Center we are expanding the center’s capacity as we research data analytics in the context of GIS and data science related programming languages. To this end, we are focusing on two emerging geospatial tools, ArcGIS Online and CartoDB for web based mapping applications, as well as adopting R, Python, and SQL for more in depth data analysis. In order to accomplish our goals, we currently have one main project that will be a collaboration with another summer student researcher that focuses on CartoDB and applying SQL queries for a local community project called the Sustainable Saratoga Urban Forestry Project. We will also be learning about database design through an online textbook and tutorials. Additionally, we will be utilizing online ESRI training to explore the Python capabilities in ArcGIS Desktop, while also utilizing CodeAcademy for Python training, and an online course through the University of Michigan called Programming for Everybody (Python). For R training, we are focusing on a series of courses through Johns Hopkins called the data science specialization, which introduces a data science toolkit, and quickly focuses on R for working with large datasets. We may also supplement with a course offered through codeschool […] Continue reading

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Highlight on Student-Faculty Research: Rebuilding a Political World with GIS

Note: Click on map above to view animation in its own window. History Professor Eric Morser and Skidmore student Niki Deininger (Class of ’15) have teamed up to make unique historical maps that recreate the political setting of a New Hampshire county in the 1830s. Some fascinating maps have been produced by this team using ArcMap and a GIF animation program. CartoDB and Geocommons were also evaluated for possible map data visualization opportunities. The maps will be used in Professor Morser’s book, The Fires of New England: A Tale of Power and Protest on an American Frontier. This book focuses on a single document signed by twenty men in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, in 1834. According to these men, lawyers had seized control of the state government, taken advantage of the state constitution, undermined democracy, and threatened to destroy the revolutionary dreams of America’s founders. In response, the twenty men proposed that universal education and a well-schooled population could thwart the deceitful efforts of the attorneys and judges and revitalize the state’s revolutionary heritage. Professor Morser attempts to locate this single document in its larger historical context and explain why these men produced it when they did. With the help […] Continue reading

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This summer in the GIS Center

For the Skidmore College GIS Center, the end of the school year signifies an opportunity for examining a plethora of mapping technologies.  This summer, the GIS Center team will be focusing on the capabilities and applicability of a variety of digital and mobile mapping technologies.  Currently we plan to concentrate our focuses on the GIS Center quadcopter-the DJI Phantom 2, GPS technology, and several 3D analysis mapping software.  Overall, we hope to raise awareness about the fun and valuable technologies available in the GIS Center while considering their applicability to a variety of disciplines.  Below are brief descriptions of some of the technologies we will be experimenting with.   Digital 3D Mapping Software This GIS Center will be exploring two 3D analysis tools currently being used in the GIS world.  These software include Target for ArcGIS and Target.  Both of these software provide a medium for analysis of 3D data such as subsurface geological or structural mapping and could be of great use in the geosciences here at Skidmore.  The fundamental difference between the two is that Target for ArcGIS serves as an extension for Esri’s ArcMap, which is currently used in the GIS Center.  Importantly, these technologies are heavily […] Continue reading

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