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Gotta map ’em all

Pokémon GO is a new augmented reality, location-based game. As it has been dominating the news since it’s release, we thought it might be a good idea to help campus visitors who might be searching the campus for digital goodies. The GIS Center analyzed the campus and found the key Pokémon resources that folks might […] Continue reading

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Top Ten Geo Stories of 2015

flickr photo shared by Calsidyrose under a Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) license My mind has been brewing for some time (since early December) on how to summarize and capture the year in “geo.” I deliberately cast a wide net with “geo” mainly to capture my personal interests in geospatial technology and also geography.  As […] Continue reading

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Building a better trail map…

  For a long time, the trail map for the old Skidmore College North Woods Trail Map has been not up to my personal cartographic standards. Originally developed by Bob Jones and Alex Chaucer a few years ago, multiple versions had been edited and what was the North Woods map had lost it’s original lustre and […] Continue reading

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Highlight on Student-Faculty Research: Rebuilding a Political World with GIS

Note: Click on map above to view animation in its own window. History Professor Eric Morser and Skidmore student Niki Deininger (Class of ’15) have teamed up to make unique historical maps that recreate the political setting of a New Hampshire county in the 1830s. Some fascinating maps have been produced by this team using ArcMap and a GIF animation program. CartoDB and Geocommons were also evaluated for possible map data visualization opportunities. The maps will be used in Professor Morser’s book, The Fires of New England: A Tale of Power and Protest on an American Frontier. This book focuses on a single document signed by twenty men in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, in 1834. According to these men, lawyers had seized control of the state government, taken advantage of the state constitution, undermined democracy, and threatened to destroy the revolutionary dreams of America’s founders. In response, the twenty men proposed that universal education and a well-schooled population could thwart the deceitful efforts of the attorneys and judges and revitalize the state’s revolutionary heritage. Professor Morser attempts to locate this single document in its larger historical context and explain why these men produced it when they did. With the help […] Continue reading

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Google Glass – Mapping and Educational Technology Applications

Google Glass came into existence in early 2012 and since it’s release to the public in 2014, a number of apps have been made specifically for Glass. In particular, there are several applications available for mapping and educational technology. For mapping technology, there are a number of options that can be overlaid onto the Google Glass screen. There’s Google’s built in maps functionality which allows the wearer to ask for the directions. Glass will then use the built in compass and GPS to provide on screen directions to the wearer. Additionally, there is AR Glass for Wikipedia. AR Glass uses GPS to determine your location and then retrieves online data about your surroundings from Wikipedia, and overlays them on the screen. Another app available is Glasquare, an unofficial Foursquare-like app that allows the wearer to check in and search for nearby locations. Additionally, there is the mapping technology app is Fieldtrip. Fieldtrip uses data from over 100 local publisher partners to display information and tips on history, architecture, and hidden gems. Visual data is captured and then searched for, with information about the area or structure displayed on screen. The last location based app available is PosterBoy. PosterBoy allows the […] Continue reading

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Just a reminder to practice safe mapping

I just came across this and I thought it was brilliant, and a good reminder think about the impacts of your mapping. Found on @twitter from @newmapsplus while following the #NACIS2014 hashtag Posted by Alex Chaucer Continue reading

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Workshop: Use a smartphone to make an interactive map tour

Are you interested in creating an interactive map tour, using nothing but your smartphone and free mapping tools? Perhaps you want to map outdoor art, or graffiti, or you want to use it in science for looking at invasive species, or maybe you are more interested in mapping out history and land use change in the watershed? Come to my workshop on Friday at noon for the workshop: Digital Map Storytelling With ArcGIS Online to learn how to create interactive map tours. Workshop will be held in the GIS Center, 2nd Floor, Lucy Scribner Library, Friday 11/22/2013 at Noon. To view the workshop schedule click HERE. Seating is limited, so register for the workshop today HERE. Continue reading

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