The IES Res Hall

When we were all preparing to head out to London, we were warned one thing over and over; the living spaces are a lot smaller!

They were right. Here the rooms are tiny! There are two beds, two desks, and two wardrobes. The space we are given to get from one end of the room to the other is enough for one person to squeeze through, this makes getting ready certain mornings a pretty big hassle! We have a private bathroom, but it’s also much smaller than anything at home. The shower is a little wider than I am. When we first got here it was difficult trying to get comfortable, but we eventually got used to it. The cramped space forces us to be neater than we would be at home, there is not enough space to just throw your stuff on the floor. It’s a nice area to work in, because it’s very private and has a cozy sort of feel to it. We share a kitchen with another room, though I know that there are rooms that hold up to three rooms at a time. For those of you who may have to share a kitchen in the future, SET GROUND RULES. The majority of the time things work out fine, and I remember thinking it was no big deal we would all just do what we wanted. But when you get a letter saying that the cleaning crew will charge you 30 pounds if the dishes are not done and you don’t use the kitchen, tensions can rise quickly.

Other than that the Res Hall has ten floors, common rooms on most of them, a tv with dvd player in the common rooms, laundry facilities, and in general a very helpful and friendly staff. We live a 30 minute by tube, 60-90 minute by bus, ride from our classes.

This was taken from the doorway

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