Mid-term break!

The best part of studying abroad is the ability to travel around Europe. This past week was our midterm break and everyone made their own plans. Some of my friends here are going to Italy, France, Hungary, Norway, and other countries in and around Europe. Two of my friends and I spent three days in Geneva and four days in Berlin, it has been amazing! Berlin has been my favorite of the two, everything is very inexpensive and there is so much to do! The first day we went on a free tour of the city that our hostel offered. The main thing that struck us was the difference of importance in times in history between London and Berlin. English history portrayed in London expands over thousands of years, from the time of the first kings all the way to present day. Berlin, on the other hand, has most of its historical sites dedicated to more recent events, mainly WW2 and the Cold War. The reasons for this are obvious; it was just an interesting twist to the culture. We head back to London on Saturday night and we are all looking forward to our second quarter!

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