The City

Sometimes it gets lost on me that I’m really here. I’ll be walking around, thinking nothing of where I am or what I’m doing and BAM I stumble upon a castle. This city is truly amazing, the respect that you feel for the history and culture is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. There is a national pride here that exudes from every building and everyone. The other day the queen drove by our class center, the rush to the streets was unbelievable, and I was almost stampeded by my professor. What’s even more impressive is that the national pride is so different from what it was ten or twenty years ago. London has become a cultural buffet, ethnic minorities make up 30% of London’s population and one third of that are immigrants. The change is so drastic that the national dish of England has changed from fish and chips to chicken tikka masala, and Indian dish (and for the record it’s delicious!). For me it shows that London is a city that is adapting to a modern world while respecting and reveling in its history, a perfect mix!

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