This blog is mostly directed at new students, transfer students, or students planning on studying abroad. I’ve mostly been blogging lately about my feelings about coming to a campus halfway through the year and around the various pros and cons that surround that experience. Now I’d like to talk a little about how Skidmore professors helps new/abroad students become integrated into the system. First of all this semester I am taking Elementary Italian, Intro to Acting, Early Modern European History, and Religion and Culture. My advisor in London, Dan Nathan of the American Studies department, told me that it would be a good idea to take at least two classes that helped towards my major (History/Theater), one class that fulfilled a requirement (Italian) and one class that I was just generally interested in and wanted to know more about (Religion). This turned out to be fantastic advice on his part, I love all of my classes and while they are incredibly challenging at times I havent felt too overwhelmed yet. Once you reach campus I have found that all of the professors are willing to share extra help, direct you towards extra credit options, or simply give you some good advice on studying habits. The point is as long as you search for the help once you reach or get back to campus, you should have no problem adjusting to the change.

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