Spring Break

This Spring Break has been exactly what I needed to get through mid-terms, rehearsals, and the prospect of the end of my Freshman year. Though I wasn’t able to see everyone I wanted, though seeing the friends that were home reminded me that true friends are very hard to loose track of. My dad finally finished a birthday present he had gotten for me two or three years ago. Regardless of the wait I love it, it’s an Irish bouzouki. A bouzouki is a kind of Irish octave mandolin. The difference is there are two strings that play the same note, eight strings total that play four notes. The double up on the strings makes the sounds cleaner and more full than a regular mandolin. It’s used traditionally in Irish, Scottish, Greek, Italian, and Turkish folk songs, none of which I can play as of yet. This break has been great but I cant wait to get back to school and get started on the work ahead. It has made me appreciate not only the time I have with old friends and at home, but also the time that I have learning so many amazing new things and being around so many great new people. Here we go, last few weeks of first year at Skidmore!

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