This week has been absolutely crazy! For those of you following me on twitter (@rycrot) know that I am in a Senior Workshop this semester. Directed by Anne Dufault (a tremendous person and director), ‘After’ is a play about a group of college students learning to deal with the sexual assault of one of their friends. I play Chase, the young man who is being accused of rape. It has been by far the hardest role I have ever been cast as, mostly because I have to play the character as good person who just really messed up. I know it sounds really cheesy but I feel as if I have grown tremendously throughout this experience, both as an actor and as a student. The shows are booking up fast but if you can come tomorrow durring our open dress rehearsal in Bolton 382 at 8:00 pm! I want to shout out to the unbelievable cast who has been absolutely amazing to work with, Dara, Brittany, Lena, Zac, Alex and Will . Also our fantastic stage manager Olivia and our great lighting designer and costume designer Joel and Alex.

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