Campus Safety

This blog post is dedicated to Campus Safety, also known as Campo. I know we have all had our respective issues with campo, a party busted here and there, but every so often something happens that makes you very VERY grateful for their presence here on campus. We know that campus safety is here to keep us safe (duh), but let me spin a little senario for you that happened to me just the other day. It’s early in the morning and you wake up a half hour before class, just enough time for a quick shower. You usually leave your door unlocked in the mornings so you dont bother to bring your key. After a good five minute shower you go back to find that your roommate has decided to lockup on his way to class, leaving you wet, mostly naked, and in the middle of the hallway. Your RA is out so your options are limited. Here is my campo hero story, after asking a fellow floor mate to borrow his phone (a very awkward moment mind) campo arrived on the scene in less than five minutes. I arrived to class right on time. So, although I thanked the man that let the half naked crazy person into his room in the wee hours of the morning, I would like to thank you campo, for a job well done!

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