Hows your summer going?

Good morning Skidmore College.  Hope all of you are enjoying this lovely week.  Weather here in upstate NY has been pretty awesome lately.  Clear skies, high 80’s.  Pretty much what I consider perfect.  Not much to report on the SkidShop front these days.  We’re on summer hours.  So if you plan on visiting the Shop this summer please note that we are open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3:45pm.  By the way, if you are planning on visiting the campus and Saratoga, now is the time.  Summer in Saratoga Springs is one the best things you can do.  It’s a beautiful area and the people who come here and live are great.

On a totally separate note, has anyone ever tried to embed a vimeo video into wordpress? I blame wordpress.

It’s Sunday…and we are working

Normally we are closed on Sundays.  But sometimes there are exceptions.  Today is one of them.  CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Session 1 arrives on campus and the staff is here.  As a matter of fact we’ll be here until 4pm today to help them out with their supplies or any questions they may have about getting settled in.  After that..who knows.  Maybe I’ll use this day to catch up on some of the movies I’ve yet to see, such as Super 8 or Green Lantern.  Or since it’s suppose to be nice and sunny, maybe I’ll just find myself lounging around the yard with a cold drink in hand.  Either way…I won’t be doing any of those things until after 4pm.  So I guess the point I’m making is I’m here to help you until 4pm today.

Does the SkidShop close during the summer?

For some reason people seem to think that when the pools open and everyone starts wearing shorts and suntan lotion, we close.  Not true.  As a matter of fact we are just as busy in the summer as we are during the school year.  We have many summer programs here on campus as well as prepping for Fall semester.  The store is open from 8:30am to 3:45pm Monday through Friday as well as on the occasional weekends for special summer events.  So stop in and say hi.  We’d love to see you.  Just don’t tell us how nice it is out there. No.  Really.


Any recent Skidmore grad interested?

A friend of mine own a great design company in NYC and has reached out to me looking for a recent Skidmore grad looking for work.

He is seeking a recent Skidmore grad who is a red-hot html5 nerd with an eye for design and problem solving that understands augmented reality as well and will know how to integrate the two. Most of the design will be in place as well as the conceptual thinking and we need someone to execute. I can provide technical specifications and an outline but don’t want to hand hold.

If you are interested, email me your resume at and I will forward your information to him.

Alumni Weekend!

Hello Skidmore Classes that end in either the number 1 or the number 6.  Welcome back to Skidmore.  So much has changed since you’ve last set foot on the campus.  New buildings, new faces and a new Skidmore/Saratoga community.  Another place that has changed is the SkidShop.  We know all of you have lots of catching up to do with each other, and we don’t want to get in the way of that.  We just want to encourage all of you to stop into the shop to see how much we’ve changed as well as say hi.  We look forward to hearing about what you’ve been up to all these years.

Have a great reunion weekend everyone.

A message to the Class of 2011

Hi Class of 2011,

I had this long 1,500 word thing typed out talking about how awesome I thought all of you were and then I realized that it was too wordy and that  I should just say thank you.  You guys have been an amazing class and I will truly miss many of you.  I have had the great pleasure to spend time with many of you on and off campus and this is bittersweet for me. You are all wonderful people.  Good luck with your lives after Skidmore.  Please stay in touch.


Olive and Hannah, if you are reading this, thank you for your daily visits this year.  As I promised to both of you, I will keep to a bowl of snacks at my desk for future Skidmore classes.

You forgot to purchase a cap and gown and are wondering what you can do to fix this

Oh crap!  You forgot to your order cap and gown, and your parents are freaking out.  No worries.  We have extras on hand for scenarios just like this.  Just stop in at 10AM on Tuesday May 17th to pick one up.  It’s first come first serve, so the earlier the better.  Even if you don’t make it in early, you still won’t need to worry.  You can still get one.  It just might be too short or too long.  But either way, if you forgot to get a cap and gown you’ll have nothing to worry about.  We’ll get you into one.